August 27, 2007

Moon Over Singapore

I took this photograph last month from the parking garage next door to my block. No extra equipment was used (such as a telescope) other than my Nikon D40X and a telephoto lens (which is slightly discolored, giving the moon the slightly tan color). Also, no other phototrickery was used, other than cropping the photo to the 300 x 300 pixel size.


Obama 08 said...

Hi there!

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There is a certain critical mass of group members I need to hit before I can do much for the campaign. I am not sure what the critical mass might be but I am pretty sure it is something more than the one american resident (me) currently in my group!.

Anyway, I have no idea what your political leanings might be but my email to you is an effort to widen my net of american contacts in Singapore. If you can forward this message or link to my site that would be greatly appreciated but I will also understand if you decline to do this.

Irregardless I enjoyed browsing your blog this morning!


Benjamin Wright Brown

Anonymous said...

Subhanallah, gorgeous moon. Unfortunately, we didn't see much of it, if at all, because it rained all day last night!

JDsg said...

Yes, I'm sorry to say that I didn't get to see the eclipse either. The weather here is such a problem for those of us interested in astronomy. This particular photo was taken a month ago, back in July. I saw that the moon was clearing over the HDB blocks to the east, so I grabbed my camera and ran down to the car park next door to take some pictures. At least these came out decently.