August 24, 2002

Running Naked With My Hair on Fire

I found this quotation in the New York Times today:

Unless I set my hair on fire and run naked through the streets - actually, we've already tried it and you haven't covered it - it's very difficult to be heard."
-CHARLIE KING, a Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor in New York.

One frequent complaint by non-Muslims is that Muslims haven't condemned terrorism loudly and/or frequently enough. The old "the silence is deafening" line. And yet, here's a politician running for the second highest office in NY State government complaining that he can't get media coverage either. Remember that the next time someone whines about Muslim "silence."

August 9, 2002

The Guardian (UK) reported August 1 that Yvonne Ridley, the British reporter who was captured last October by the Taliban, is becoming a Muslim. According to the story, " of the conditions of her release was that she read up on "the faith". This she did, and now she is ready to put her drinking days behind her." Funny what a little reading and an open mind can do! Read the whole story at Side lines.
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