October 28, 2008

A'ishah's First Eid

I've three more pics of A'ishah to share; the first two were taken during Ramadan, while the last was taken on Eid (October 1st). I don't think I have any other pictures of A'ishah that are more current.

This first photo is a continuation of the last two pictures from my last post; here, A'ishah has been burped and is now resting comfortably on Daddy's chest while Mommy takes her picture. This turned out quite nice.

"Eskimo baby." A'ishah being dried with a towel after one of her morning baths.

Finally, A'ishah on Eid over at Grandma's place. We had bought a very nice Eid outfit during Ramadan over at Geylang Serai, but it turned out that the fabric was waaay too rough for her skin. She cried horribly until we took it off her; fortunately, we had another outfit (bought by one of my sisters) that we could use instead. (Yeah, that's me holding her, again.)

Last time, I wrote that A'ishah had started developing a sense of humor; we've also learned that she's developing a temper. ;) A couple nights ago, Milady and I were too late in picking A'ishah up from the crib... at least according to her. ;) And so she threw a temper tantrum (the second of the day). Milady started giving A'ishah her evening bath, but A'ishah screamed throughout. I walked up and said something to the effect of "Good luck on getting her to bed." It frequently takes Milady about 40 minutes to get A'ishah to sleep in the evening. But Milady was unperturbed. "Oh, she'll go right to sleep after all this crying." Sure enough, Milady had A'ishah asleep in only ten-fifteen minutes that night. I wish she would go to sleep that fast every night.

Special note to my parents: Your photo set (of 33 photos) should be in the mail by tomorrow, insha'allah. :)


bingregory said...

oi, what a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Hey, your daughter is a cutie! So chubby!


izzymo said...

Aaaaaaawww! She's such a darling, masha'Allah!