October 22, 2008

A'ishah during Ramadan

Back in mid September, I had a post about A'ishah's BFF (Best Friend Forever), a bright, sunny cloth flower that we had bought from Toys "R" Us. A few days after I wrote that post, Milady took a picture of A'ishah smiling at the flower:

Since that time, we've also added a musical mobile and a small fan to the crib, the fan having several LED lights that makes colorful patterns as the blades spin. Those have attracted A'ishah's attention in recent weeks far better than the flower, which is more or less ignored now despite it still having a prominent space on the crib.

This next photo was taken by Milady with her brother Du@n holding A'ishah. The "glow" is due to the photo being taken in front of Arcadia doors on a bright day.

Finally, we have two more photos of A'ishah in all her "chipmunk cheek" glory. Both pictures were taken during Ramadan, very early in the morning, when everyone was eating breakfast before the start of fasting. The hand in both photos is mine. :)

"Daddy, I'm so tired!"

"Yeaah! Who keeps flashing that bright light in my face?"

I'm also pleased to say that A'ishah is developing a sense of humor. A couple of days ago, Milady was holding A'ishah in front of a mirror and making faces at her. Every few seconds A'ishah would then giggle ("ha ha"), which was really cute to watch. Later that day, we bought a small swing for A'ishah to sit in. As soon as she was placed in it and the swing began to rock, she giggled once more. Very cute!

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DramaMama said...

The last two pics are priceless!