September 16, 2008

A'ishah's BFF

Milady and I haven't taken many pictures of A'ishah in recent weeks; between Ramadan and A'ishah's erratic sleep schedule, neither of us have had much time for picture-taking. However, I did take a photo of A'ishah's new BFF, a Toys "R" Us flower. We bought this last weekend and wrapped its "stem" onto the crib. When A'ishah is placed near it, it's like a beam of light turns on inside her. Yes, she does smile every now and then at Mommy and Daddy, but A'ishah smiles almost non-stop when she looks at the flower. It's really amazing. Milady says that A'ishah also tries to "talk" to the flower. At the other end of the crib we've placed a stuffed kangarabbit (the thing's supposed to be a rabbit, but it's got the face of a kangaroo). When she's near the kangarabbit, A'ishah will brush her hand against the legs and also try to "talk" to it as well.

1 comment:

eileen said...

how cute! whenever you guys have the time (i know, we didn't have much time when ours were babies either!), i'd love to see more photos of my sweet little niece!
my best to all 3 of you! (hi fatimah! hope you are well! eileen)