October 9, 2008

Happy Baby

The video below was taken by Milady two days ago, on October 7th, using her handphone camera (which is the reason for the poor resolution). Still, we're pleased to show our happy baby as she lie upon the bed the other day. I'm about to download a bunch more photos (insha'allah) that we've taken over the past month, so we should have a few more posts about A'ishah fairly soon.

In the meantime, the kid is growing like a weed (this is not an exaggeration). When we went to the hospital this morning for some vaccinations, A'ishah weighed in at 6.33 kg (13 lbs, 15 oz.), which might seem like a lot for a 2.5-month old baby. But that weight is mostly bone; she's got very little baby fat on her so far as she's now 62.5 cm (24.6") long. Remember, she was 52 cm (20.5") at birth, so she's already picked up 10.5 cm (4.1"). Considering that both sides of the family are tall, I wouldn't be at all surprised if A'ishah grows up to rival both Milady and one of my sisters (TRtx) for tallest woman in the family, insha'allah. :)

Update: Milady and I had some of her extended family over for Eid yesterday (Oct. 12th). (Eid family visits among Milady's family often last the entire month of Shawwal.) Anyway, our guests brought their kids with them, and Milady and I were shocked to hear that one of the boys, eight-months-old, is a mere 7 kg, whereas A'ishah is almost as heavy when she's just five days shy of three months. So I downloaded some infant girls' height/weight charts last night. A'ishah is currently around the 90th percentile for both height and weight, although for height vs. weight, she's only at the 50th percentile. This is going to be a tall girl, insha'allah! Guess I'm gonna have to teach her basketball and volleyball when she gets older. ;)

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Eileen said...

what a cutie--wish i could hold her!!!

eileen--her favorite american auntie!