December 25, 2008

JDsg is alive and well...

...he's just been super-busy. ;)

I got the following comment today:

I've notice you no longer write on your blog, I sort of enjoyed reading you posts, it was always interesting.

Wow! Talk about leaving the wrong impression! I know, I haven't written much in the way of essays or commentaries on current events as I usually do; the problem has been a very hectic schedule over the past couple of weeks. Milady and I have been cleaning up the flat, tossing some old furniture and buying some new stuff. For example, even though today is Christmas, Ikea delivered three new wardrobes that we ordered (very badly needed), our new office chair (to replace the old one with the miserable casters that were always falling off), and a new bookcase (to replace another that was falling apart). I've also been preparing a lecture on astronomy very similar to the one I did back in 2005. Because there are supposed to be around 60 kids for this camp, I just finished burning 70 CDs last night with all the photos I'm using to give away as gifts to the kids. And I'm trying to prepare my college applications (going on for a PhD, insha'allah). And I'm trying to finish up an essay for the blog. :)

So it's not like I've given up on blogging; far from it. I'm just trying to squeeze in everything while helping out at home, including taking care of the baby. In the meantime, I have tried to keep up with my three regular series (Bedtime Music, Drum Corps Saturday, and Movie Sunday), following the blogger's rule that, even if you can't write something for the day, at least put up a picture or video so that you have some new, fresh content. In that regard I hope my readers have enjoyed some of the posts (Bedtime Music in particular has been growing more popular over time). But I do apologize for not being as regular in my written posts as I used to be, and I hope that you all will continue to visit my blog and leave comments.


Kay said...

oooooh what are you getting your PhD in???

JDsg said...

Economics, insha'allah, although I've also taught a lot of management classes over the years and I may go into that field if economics doesn't work out.