December 9, 2008

A'ishah's Busy Weekend

This weekend was busy for the family due to Eid and an emergency visit to the hospital. Sunday afternoon, Milady was feeding A'ishah when the latter inexplicably reached for her left eye with her hand and cut the eye lid... somewhere. We never did find the cut, but her tears were coming out bloody so we made a run to the hospital. Fortunately, everything turned out OK. There was no damage to the eye itself, and the cut stopped bleeding rather quickly. The below picture shows the orange dye the hospital staff put on and around A'ishah's eye to see if the cornea had been damaged.

Yesterday, on our Eid visit to Milady's parent's home, we fed A'ishah for the very first time by spoon. The pureed mixed vegetables we've been feeding her weren't going through the bottle nipple very easily, and I had been suggesting for a few days that A'ishah be fed with a spoon. Milady and her mom finally broke down yesterday afternoon, much to A'ishah's delight (as you can see on the two videos).


Anonymous said...

Oh poor baby!! I'm so glad all is well now. I have made my own mad dash to the doctor's and hospitals when the kiddies were younger so I know exactly how you both feel. She's growing up soo fast and growing cuter by the day, I have no doubt!!

Eileen said...

so sorry to hear about that! glad she is ok! i am at orlando public library and have 10 minutes left on the computer, so i will try to hurry and watch the videos of my adorable little niece!!!

Eileen said...

now you need to make a video of fatimah feeding a'ishah! see if she opens her mouth while she's feeding the baby. i have to catch myself not to open my mouth just watching the video! :D