December 10, 2008

Bedtime Music: 10cc - I'm Not in Love

Next up is 10cc's I'm Not In Love, from their 1975 album, The Original Soundtrack. In keeping with this week's theme, 10cc is related to Alan Parsons through two of their musicians, Eric Stewart, one of the original band members who sang a number of songs on Alan's albums through the 90s, as well as drummer/songwriter Stuart Tosh (Stuart MacIntosh).

There are some interesting facts about
I'm Not In Love:
  • The song was originally written in a bossa nova format (which might have been very interesting to listen to).
  • The dreamy, ethereal choral backing to the song was created through numerous overdubs of the band members singing a single note in unison. Through mixing and recording on 16-track tapes, a virtual chorus of 256 voices was created. Billy Joel later used the same effect on his song, Just the Way You Are, as did Queen with Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • According to Stewart, the band was already being courted by Phonogram to leave Jonathan King's UK Records label and sign a new deal. He said: "I rang them. I said come and have a listen to what we've done, come and have a listen to this track. And they came up and they freaked, and they said, 'This is a masterpiece. How much money, what do you want? What sort of a contract do you want? We'll do anything.' On the strength of that one song, we did a five-year deal with them for five albums and they paid us a serious amount of money."
  • The woman who says, "Be quiet, big boys don't cry...", is Kathy Warren, who was the receptionist for the studio where the song was recorded.

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