September 4, 2005

A Cultural Mutt

ChaliceChick (a Unitarian and ex-BeliefNet poster) had an interesting question on her blog recently. Her post is about how location and culture influence the way we are, how our personalities are shaped over time. Or, as she writes, " what cultures do y'all come from? Which influence who you are the most?"

Here's most of my response on her blog:

"...It's not only about where I've lived, but also what cultural attributes I've picked up along the way. Up through HS, I lived in upstate NY. My family lineage is primarily Irish-English, but I never felt any strong ties to those cultures (my family has lived in America since the Colonial days). Moreover, certain relatives had married Italian immigrants, and I've often felt I grew up Italian, even though I'm not.

"After HS, I moved to Arizona where the Italian influence continued, but I was also influenced by Mexican culture as well, having many Mexican-American friends.

"Now, the past four years, I've lived in Asia and I've noticed how my thinking and lifestyle has started to assimilate East Asian thought and cultural practices (especially as my wife comes from this area).

"So, based on all these different places of residence and cultural influences, I feel like a real mutt. :) "

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