July 30, 2005

Down, but not out

I'm back.

This past week, I was ill with what was probably a mild case of Dengue Fever. On Friday, the 22nd, I started feeling ill at school. (I wish I had known just how ill I was going to get because then I would have left school immediately, instead of waiting several hours for my wife to pick me up. But that's all hindsight.) By about midnight that night, my fever peaked around 39-something Celcius (103* Farenheight), and it only started going down after I had the equivalent of a sponge bath. By late Sunday night, my fever finally broke enough to where I didn't feel like my mind was in a fog. However, on Monday, I had four major nosebleeds, the last at the hospital (and a fifth on Tuesday morning). The rest of the week I spent at home, where I've been resting - and yes, I did need the full week to recover.

Anyway, I'll probably go back to work on Monday (gotta shave off this week's worth of beard growth :) ), and I hope to resume this blog as well.

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