June 4, 2008

Words Fail Me

I just can't seem to write something that expresses my complete and utter disgust at this couple. Insha'allah, the authorities will throw the book at them. From CNN:

A man and a woman have been charged by police in Italy after they were found having sex in a confession box, it was reported Wednesday.

The Italian ANSA news agency said the young man and woman were taken into custody by police in the northern city of Cesena following a telephone complaint from a man attending morning Mass in the city's cathedral.

Authorities were alerted after a parishoner heard "rustling and groaning" coming from inside the confession box and pulled back the curtains to reveal a goth-rock couple engaged in oral sex, ANSA said.

The agency said the pair -- a 31-year-old laborer and a 32-year-old teacher -- defended their conduct saying: "We are atheists and for us, having sex in church is like doing it any other place."

However, Bishop Antonio Lanfranchi of Cesena-Sarsina took said the couple's behavior was "an outrage of notable proportions which bespeaks unutterable squalor."

He added that a special ceremony would be held to purify the confession box.


Ronin said...

it's coming.

pun not intended.

JDsg said...

Actually, Milady had a good comment when I told her about this story last night. Basically, she said they're animals. Animals, of course, don't know any better; they'll do their business just about anywhere (unless they've been trained, like dogs and cats). These two don't care where they have sex; one place is as good as another. A human would be more discreet; a human would be respectful. These two are neither; they are merely animals. (An old lesson in German comes to mind: "essen" vs. "fressen." Both mean "to eat," but "essen" is used for humans and "fressen" is for animals. To say that someone eats using the verb "fressen" is an insult. Sie (They) fressen.)