June 14, 2008

Drum Corps Saturday - 1975 Phantom Regiment

In 1975, the Garfield Cadets came in 9th for the prelims with a score of 82.35; however, they dropped down to 11th place in the finals with a score of 80.55. Unfortunately, I can't find a video of them on Youtube.

In 10th place for both prelims and finals was Phantom Regiment, who scored 81.95 in prelims and an 81.30 in the finals. Phantom had made the DCI finals for the first time the previous year, placing 11th in the finals. In '75, the corps came back with new uniforms that radically changed the corps' image, which remains to this day. From 1970 through 1974, Phantom had worn a cadet-style uniform with shakos; in 1975, the corps began wearing long white jackets with a black sash, a two-color cape (red on the inside, black on the outside, black pants, and the now-signature pith helmet.

The Repertoire: American Overture * Hungarian Dance No. 5 * Barber of Seville * An American in Paris * Tannhauser (Pilgrim's Chorus)

Note: The quality of the second video becomes rather "sticky" in "An American in Paris," and remains that way through the end of the video.

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