June 5, 2008

Bedtime Music: A-ha - Take On Me

Bunty BaileyUnless I'm really familiar with an artist or their song, I'll spend a few minutes doing some research just so I have something relevant to say about the daily video. Such is the case for a-ha's first hit, Take On Me. Yes, #1 hit in 1985, #24 on VH1's "Greatest Songs of the 1980s," inspired by Michael Patterson's animated film Commuter and the movie Altered States. Yada yada yada.

What I was surprised to find is that Bunty Bailey, the girl in the video, has her own MySpace page, on which she wrote:

Hello! My name is Bunty Bailey and i am the girl out of the A-ha video Take On Me. So a lot of you may recognise me from that video. I did date Morten Harket and the rumours about Billy Idol are rubbish. I did star in the 1987 embarrassing film called Dolls. I live in London working as a Dance teacher / actress / Model and i am happily married.


Ronin said...

one of my favorite songs ever!

i love the beat.

JDsg said...

Most of these songs are long-time favorites for me. :) If you have any suggestions for videos, let me know.

Ronin said...

how about "again" by lenny kravitz and "amazed" by lonestar.

i don't know about you, whenever i hear any of these songs from my all-time favs, which is very close to yours, i just stop doing whatever i'm doing and listen.

i love these moments. they just hit me by surprise.