June 18, 2008

Bedtime Music: Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out?

This song is an oddity in a number of ways. Who Let the Dogs Out? was originally written by Trinidadian musician Anslem Douglas for the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival season of 1998, except that he lost a lawsuit for having stolen the chorus, which was originally composed by Patrick Stephenson and Leroy Williams in 1995 as a radio jingle. The song was covered by the Baha Men, a Bahamian band whose only claim to fame is this song; their big break happened when WLtDO? appeared in the kids' movie, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. The song made it to #1 in a couple of countries (#2 in the UK, #40 in the US), and won a Grammy for "Best Dance Recording" in 2001. Yet, the song is third on a Rolling Stone list of the top 10 "most annoying" songs. Still, the song (and variants) has become a staple at numerous college and professional sporting events worldwide.


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