June 4, 2008

Bedtime Music: Uhm Jung Hwa - Da Ga Ra

When I lived in Korea, I discovered that about the only popular music that's played there is Korean pop (K-pop); it was very rare to hear anything else on the radios (although you could easily buy cassette tapes and CDs of other types of music). In the late fall of 2001, there was a song that came out that really appealed to me with its catchy melody. I spent some time trying to find out who the singer was and the song's title. The singer turned out to be a young woman by the name of Uhm Jung-Hwa (엄정화), who also acts and, apparently, has recently started selling her own line of lingerie. The song is "Da Ga Ra" (다가라), which is on her seventh album, "Hwa" (화). This was the first of about ten albums I bought in Korea.

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