June 7, 2008

Drum Corps Saturday - 1975 Troopers

It's not my intention to show the Troopers back-to-back, but a number of videos for the 1975 finalists are available, so I thought I'd go through those that I can in reverse order of finish. The Troopers came in 12th in 1975, getting a 79.60 in the prelims, and a 76.20 in the finals. The 1975 DCI finals was held on August 16th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Franklin Field, the University of Pennsylvania). I was there for the prelims, but my Dad had to be at work the next day, so I missed the finals. :P

The Repertoire: Introduction and Fantasia * Gentle On My Mind * Night on Bald Mountain * The Virginian * No Goodbyes * Bound for the Promised Land

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