June 25, 2008

Bedtime Music: Chicago - Hard to Say I'm Sorry

As a teenager in the 70s, my favorite band was Chicago; I was involved with drum corps at the time (I played a baritone bugle), and getting into brass-oriented jazz and rock (e.g., Maynard Ferguson, Chuck Mangione) as a result. This particular song, the 1982 release, Hard to Say I'm Sorry, however, moves in the opposite direction, being horn-less and heavy on layered synths and distorted electric guitars. Still, the song was very successful, and reached #1 in September 1982, the band's first top-50 hit since their December 1978 release, No Tell Lover.


Ronin said...

yeap, yet another one of my time-stoppin' favs!

DramaMama said...

aaahhh, Chicago. Pete Cetera does have that magic in his voice.