June 28, 2008

Drum Corps Saturday: 1975 Oakland Crusaders

The sixth place corps in 1975 was the Oakland Crusaders, which was a merger between the Etobicoke Crusaders and the De La Salle Oaklands, both of whom were from the Toronto area. Both corps were strong Open Class corps in 1974 (De La Salle placed seventh in the 1974 DCI finals), and the merged corps continued to do well through the late 70s. In the early 80s, the corps went through a slow decline; in 1986, the Oakland Crusaders merged with the Ambassadors of Newmarket/Aurora, Ontario to form a corps called Out of the Blue, which competed for one season.

Like the Royal Crusaders, who gave several corps a scare by doing well in the 1975 DCI prelims, the Oakland Crusaders also did very well in the prelims, scoring a 86.20 for fourth place. However, the corps slid down to sixth place in the finals, despite getting an 86.00.

  • In the first video, watch for the drum major bumping into the girl at the 1:19 mark.
  • Be sure to check out the De La Salle Oakland Crusaders Alumni website; there's also a page devoted to the Oakland Crusaders at the Optimists Alumni website.

    The Repertoire: Swan Lake * Jupiter (from The Planets) * Malaga * El Gato Triste

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