June 15, 2008

Darn Baseball Terrorists!

Mark Liberman at Language Log notes that Faux News isn't too concerned about the fifth column of terrorist baseball players that has infiltrated our great country:

Pat Burrell (left) congratulates Ryan Howard on his first-inning home run, one batter after Chase Utley's solo blast. Burrell followed Howard with a homer of his own. Howard hit another shot later in the game in St. Louis.

Fox News has apparently let their semiotic guard down on this one, because a search of their site turned up no evidence of concern that the "terrorist fist jab" may have infiltrated the national pastime.

My question: Did E.D. Hill come up with this ridiculous assertion because she works for Faux News, or was it just because she's a blond? (Inquiring minds want to know.)

HT: Economist's View
Photo credit: TOM GANNAM / Associated Press


Turns out the old man (George H. W. Bush) is a terrorist, too, along with former tennis star, Anna Kournikova. More at Wonkette.

HT: Things More Muslim Than Obama


Kay said...

She must totally dye her hair because that color doesn't look natural...didn't she get ousted by Faux News like the next day?...gosh I love the media (sarcasm)

JDsg said...

You're right in that she lost her job hosting that show about a day after she made that comment; however, whether she lost the job due to the comment or because Faux has been reshuffling, I can't say. I do know a couple of people have lost their shows there in recent weeks (although they continue to work for the Ministry for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda).