June 26, 2008

The Economist: The Future of Energy

I've been having a nice conversation with Terry, who is justifiably concerned with the amount of oil the U.S. has been importing. He mentioned recently that he believes in our pursuit of alternatives, and I wanted to let him (and others) know that this week's Economist magazine has a special report (nine articles) on the future of energy, which focuses primarily on prospects for various alternative energies. Below is a listing of links to all of the articles.

The Power and the Glory (energy alternatives)
Trade Winds (wind power)
Dig Deep (carbon storage)
Another Silicon Valley? (solar energy)
Beneath Your Feet (geothermal generation)
Grow Your Own (biofuels)
The End of the Petrolhead (tomorrow's cars)
Life After Death (nuclear energy)
Flights of Fancy (energy's future)

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