July 21, 2007

(Almost) All Trumpets

Street Prophets had one of their open thread posts up today that featured trumpets. Of course, as a drum corps alumnus, I can't let a topic like this pass by without commenting on it. What follows (in blue) is most of what I wrote there (along with a new comment):

This is from the 1996 British movie, "Brassed Off," with Pete Postelthwaite, Tara Fitzgerald, and Ewan McGregor. This scene is where Tara's character "auditions" with the local coal mining brass band by playing from "Conceierto de Aranjuez." Granted, she's playing a flugelhorn and not a trumpet, but so what? [Of course, drum corps fans should recognize this song, especially from the 1973-76 Hawthorne Muchachos (among many other corps).]

This is Arturo Sandoval, playing with the Boston Pops back in '93. Arturo's a Cuban-American musician who's the best (IMO) jazz trumpeter in the world today.

While Arturo's a great screecher, no one's better than the late, great Maynard Ferguson whom I grew up listening to. This video's of one of his more popular covers, "Gonna Fly Now," from the original "Rocky."

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