July 4, 2007

DCI: June Rankings

Division 1

At the end of the month, there's really a top seven instead of a top six. Seven corps have scored into the 80s so far, the high being 82.25 and the low 80.35:
1. The Cadets (up 4 places)
2. Blue Devils (up 1)
3. The Cavaliers (down 2)
4. Phantom Regiment (down 2)
5. Bluecoats (down 1)
6. Santa Clara Vanguard (unchanged)
7. Carolina Crown (up 1)

Then there's a big drop. Number 8, the Blue Knights, had only gotten as high as 75.75 by the end of the month. The low for this grouping is 71.05:
8. Blue Knights (down 1)
9. Boston Crusaders (up 1)
10. Glassmen (up 1)
11. Colts (up 2)
12. Blue Stars (up 2)
13. Spirit from JSU (down 1)
14. The Academy (new)

The next five are in a real dog fight, all within 1.10 points of each other:
15. Mandarins (up 2)
16. Crossmen (down 1)
17. Seattle Cascades (up 2)
18. Troopers (new)
19. Pacific Crest (up 2)

The bottom three are all in the mid 60s:
20. Southwind (down 2)
21. Madison Scouts (down 12)
22. Pioneer (up 1)

Surprises: The Cadets - Up four places to #1. Can they maintain that lead? Madison Scouts - WTF??? What makes this even worse is that they haven't made any significant improvement in seven shows. Since June 22, all of their scores have been between 64.45 and 66.60, a 2.15 point improvement. Has Southwind ever done better than Madison so far?

Notes: First, the "up," "down," "unchanged," and "new" indicates the rankings of the corps at the end of the last ranking period (i.e, the end of last season). At this point in time, the rankings are somewhat reliable for Division 1, but should be taken with a major grain of salt for Divisions 2 and 3. The rankings for The Academy and Seattle Cascades are a bit shaky as each corps has only done 3 and 2 shows respectively (whereas every other Division 1 corps had done a minimum of six shows each, up to 11 in the case of The Cadets). I wouldn't be surprised to see dramatic increases in the July rankings from both of these corps.

New to the rankings: The Academy, Troopers
MIA: Capital Regiment, Esperanza, The Magic

Division 2:

This is a tight division; the top five (of six for June) are all within 4.15 points of each other. The Colt Cadets are the only corps that hasn't broken out of the 50s.

1. Blue Devils B (up 5)
2. Spartans (up 1)
3. Jersey Surf (up 4)
4. Vanguard Cadets (up 1)
5. Teal Sound (up 4)
6. Colt Cadets (up 5)

Surprises: Due to all the turmoil in the division between this year and last, "surprises" will have to be based on scores as of this time last year. Blue Devils B, Spartans, and the Vanguard Cadets are all within 1.10 points of their scores through June 30 last year. Jersey Surf has risen 6.15 points, Teal Sound 9.90 points, and - the big winner - Colt Cadets have increased their score by 18.15 points since this time last year.

Notes: The rankings are relatively firm, except for Jersey Surf, which had only one appearance in the month of June.

New: None
MIA: East Coast Jazz, Jubal, Oregon Crusaders, Raiders (they started their season in early July), The Academy (moved up to Division 1)

Division 3:

Like Division 2, Division 3 has taken a beating in terms of the number of corps marching so far this season. There's one prominent new face this year, but many MIA. More on that below.

1. Fever (up 4)
2. Memphis Sound (new)
3. Revolution (down 1)
4. Impulse (down 3)
5. Citations (up 4)
6. Velvet Knights (new)
7. Capital Sound (up 1)
8. Gold (up 4)
9. Blue Devils C (up 11)
10. Dutch Boy (down 3)
11. Mystikal (up 8)
12. 7th Regiment (up 4)
13. Racine Scouts (up 1)
14. Targets (up 1)

Surprises: In comparison to this point in time last year, many of the Division 3 corps have made significant improvements. The scores for Impulse and Mystikal are about the same as this time last year; however, Blue Devils C, Gold, Memphis Sound and Targets have all improved 4.50-5.65 points each. The big winners so far are: Capital Sound (up 9.50 points), 7th Regiment (up 10.50 points), Fever (up 11.30 points) and Citations (up 12.20 points).

Notes: These rankings should be taken with a grain of salt. Only the west coast corps have had a significant number of shows for the month of June.

New: Memphis Sound (down from Division 2), Velvet Knights
MIA: Blue Saints, H.Y.P.E., Jester, Quest, Raiders (moved to Division 2), St. John's, Spirit of Newark, Spokane Thunder, Trinity, Vision Elite, Yamato. Les Stentors, a new corps for this season, started their season in July and will be included in the next ranking cycle.

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