July 2, 2007

Why Am I Still Single?

A local women's magazine has a prominent headline on this month's cover: "Why am I still single?" With 30 minutes to think about why a woman might ask this question during this morning's commute, I came up with a list of possible answers. But first, a couple of caveats: yes, I've been burned by some women through a few of these reasons; no, I haven't been burned by all of them; nor am I going to say which one's I have and haven't been burned by. And yes, of course, many of these apply to the guys as well. Here's a dozen, in no particular order:

  • Because you smoke like a chimney, and no one wants to kiss an ashtray mouth. (This was my #1 criteria in determining whether I'd ask a woman out when I was single.)
  • Because you're too high-maintenance; you're not the princess you think you are.
  • Because you bought into the feminist myth that a career and financial independence will bring you a lifetime of happiness.
  • Because guys who are interested in a long-term relationship don't necessarily go out clubbing - or even drink, for that matter.
  • Because you don't go to church, the masjid or other place of worship, where lots of other women and/or the priest, minister, paster, imam, etc., know tons of eligible men.
  • Because you've filed one too many sexual harrassment complaints at work when the guy was just asking you for a date.
  • Because you don't eat healthy foods - or exercise.
  • Because you lack social skills, especially the art of making conversation.
  • Because you deluded yourself into thinking you can tame "bad boys."
  • Because you've set your standards so high, you ignore the guys who may be average looking but are great husband/father material.
  • Because you've rejected every guy your girlfriends - and mother - have set you up on blind dates with.
  • Because you don't call him first.

    Any others that I've missed that you can think of?

    dramamama said...

    Salam, JD. This is a funny post! Here's one I thought of:
    - Because you are so foul-mouthed that a sailor would blush at your expletives.

    Reminds me of one of my girlfriends - who in the end got married after she washed her mouth with soap and water. LOL!!

    And what were you doing reading a woman's magazine on your way to work? LOL!

    JDsg said...

    Wa 'alaikum salaam.

    That's a good one, I agree.

    I wasn't reading a magazine; I saw one of those Cleo posters at the MRT station, and this is the headline in the top left corner.