July 18, 2007

DCI Division 2: July (1st Half) Rankings

The division is beginning to spread out some; the corps are not as tightly packed as they were two weeks ago. The top two corps in particular had double-digit-point improvements (see below). The average high score for Division 2 was 74.107, a 6.690-point improvement over June's average of 67.417.

1. Spartans (up 1)
2. Jersey Surf (up 1)
3. Blue Devils B (down 2)
4. Teal Sound (up 1)
5. Raiders (new)
6. Vanguard Cadets (down 2)
7. Colt Cadets (down 1)

Surprises: Raiders have come roaring into the season; they have only done two shows so far this year but are already scoring in the low 70s.

New: Raiders

Improvement Rankings: This looks at how well all Division 2 corps have improved on a points basis since the end of June. The average for all corps, as mentioned above, was 6.690 points.

1. Spartans (14.250 points)
2. Jersey Surf (12.000)
3. Teal Sound (7.250)

Average (6.690)

4. Blue Devils B (5.150)
5. Colt Cadets (3.000)
6. Vanguard Cadets (1.450)

Year-on-Year Improvements Rankings: This looks at how well the corps have done comparing the first half of July this year to the first half of July last year. The overall average improvement for all corps was a very disappointing 0.200 points, down from June's year-on-year average improvement of 5.792 points. Teal Sound doesn't appear in this listing because they didn't march in any shows during the first half of July 2006. So far this season, Colt Cadets remain Division 2's most improved corps compared to 2006.

1. Jersey Surf (+3.950 points)
2. Colt Cadets (+3.300)
3. Spartans (+1.600)
4. Raiders (+1.450)

Average (0.200)

5. Blue Devils B (-2.300)
6. Vanguard Cadets (-6.800)

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