July 5, 2007

DCA: June Rankings

The 2007 Senior season has had very few performances so far this year, so the rankings are very shaky. Only the three California corps and the Kilties have performed four shows so far. Everyone else is at two, one or zero.

1. Reading Buccaneers (unchanged)
2. Hawthorne Caballeros (up 2)
3. Empire Statesmen (down 1)
4. San Francisco Renegades (up three)
5. Bushwackers (down 2)
6. Syracuse Brigadiers (unchanged)
7. Connecticut Hurricanes (up one)
8. CorpsVets (up one)
9. Minnesota Brass, Inc. (down four)
10. Kilties (up one)
11. SoCal Dream (up nine)
12. River City Regiment (up eleven)
13. Frontier (up one)
14. Music City Legend (down one)
15. Governaires (up one)
16. Gulf Coast Sound (up eight)
17. Chops, Inc. (unchanged)

Cincinnati Tradition did not march any judged competitions in June, but did perform one exhibition, as did SoCal Dream and the Governaires.

Surprises: For the most part, it’s a little too early in the season to judge whether there are any major surprises so far; however, it should be noted that SoCal Dream is running almost nine points above their scores this time last year. That’s surely worth an “Attaboy!” ;) (Update: I made a slight mistake in the above calculation for Dream, and have calculated the remainder of the all-age corps for year-on-year improvements. Dream's improvement for the month of June is actually 6.987 points and is the fourth best improvement among all the all-age corps. Music City Legend comes in at #3 with a 12.600-point improvement, #2 is the Kilties with a 13.513-point improvement, and #1 is the CorpsVets with a whopping 20.313-point improvement. Mention should also be made of the San Francisco Renegades, who have improved by 6.083 points for the fifth best improvement. All the other corps are below four points.)

Notes: Under my ranking system, the Renegades placed 7th last year while the Connecticut Hurricanes ranked 8th. At the DCA finals, the placement for these two corps was the other way around. Hence the discrepancy in the comparison to last year’s ranking.

New: None.
MIA: Alliance, Lakeshoremen, New York Skyliners, Rochester Crusaders, Sunrisers, White Sabers.

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