July 7, 2007

Year-on-Year Improvements (DCI and DCA, June 2007)

Division 1

This analysis looks at the high score for each corps from this past June and compares it to the high score the corps achieved last June. In this way we can see who's made the most progress and, in some cases, who's regressed from last year. Of course there are many, many reasons why a corps may improve or fall behind from one year to another - we won't attempt to do that analysis. But this ranking gives an idea of who are the most improved corps this season to date. The results may surprise you.

Notes: This analysis makes the most sense for smaller corps and those corps that aren't at the highest tier of competition. Some of the better corps (e.g., Blue Devils, The Cadets, The Cavaliers) will rank fairly low on the list because these corps are consistently good from year to year and, thus, make little significant improvement. Also, corps that didn't march last year (e.g., The Troopers, Velvet Knights) aren't included in the analysis as, obviously, there's no score to compare against.

1. Pioneer (+7.80 points)
2. Seattle Cascades (+7.05)
3. Glassmen (+6.40)
4. Blue Stars (+5.65)
5. Carolina Crown (+4.40)
6. Santa Clara Vanguard (+3.95)
7. Southwind (+3.70)
8. Mandarins (+3.50)
9. Blue Knights (+3.20)
10. Pacific Crest (+3.05)
11. Phantom Regiment (+2.95)
12. Colts (+1.90)
13. The Cadets (+1.55)
14. Blue Devils (+0.85)
15. Bluecoats (+0.75)
16. The Cavaliers (+0.10)
17. Crossmen (-0.75)
18. Boston Crusaders (-1.55)
19. Spirit from JSU (-3.55)
20. The Academy (-7.95)
21. Madison Scouts (-8.85)

Sixteen of 21 corps showed improvement this June over last June. The Academy's jump from Division 2 to Division 1 might account for some of the drop this year; Madison's drop is, to be honest, shocking. They've improved some in the past few days, but are still doing rather poorly this season (and have yet to crack 70 points as of this writing). They will need to pull a major turnaround just to make the finals.

Division 2

1. Colt Cadets (+18.15 points)
2. Teal Sound (+9.55)
3. Jersey Surf (+6.15)
4. Blue Devils B (+1.10)
5. Vanguard Cadets (unchanged)
6. Spartans (-0.20)

The fact that two-thirds of all the Division 2 corps have improved their scores this year compared to last is very encouraging. Even the two that didn't are performing either at the same level as last year or just slightly under it - certainly an insignificant difference. The Colt Cadets' improvement is very impressive.

Division 3

1. Citations (+12.20 points)
2. Fever (+11.30)
3. 7th Regiment (+10.50)
4. Capital Sound (+9.50)
5. Gold (+5.65)
6. Memphis Sound (+4.50)
6. Targets (+4.50)
8. Blue Devils C (+4.45)
9. Mystikal (+0.05)
10. Impulse (-1.85)

There are currently 16 Division 3 corps marching this season, but only ten of them qualify for the year-on-year analysis so far (the number will increase for the next reporting period). Like Division 2, the vast majority of the Division 3 corps have improved over last year's performances. Only Impulse is performing below last year's results.


1. CorpsVets (+20.313 points)
2. Kilties (+13.513)
3. Music City Legend (+12.600)
4. SoCal Dream (+6.987)
5. San Francisco Renegades (+6.083)
6. Reading Bucaneers (+3.887)
7. Governaires (+3.075)
8. Connecticut Hurricanes (+2.875)
9. Hawthorne Caballeros (+2.637)
10. Chops, Inc. (+1.462)
11. River City Regiment (+0.493)
12. Empire Statesmen (-0.462)
13. Minnesota Brass, Inc. (-2.137)

DCA results are somewhat like Division 3's: There are 18 corps currently marching, but only 13 so far eligible for analysis. Likewise, the vast majority of corps improved this June compared to last June's highs.

Overall, results are impressive so far. Those corps that are still marching are doing well in comparison to last year; now, if only more corps were marching (period).

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