March 30, 2006

I Can't Dance

More videos to share, this one being the first of five. As Milady has learned all too well, my taste in videos frequently runs toward the absurd. One of my guilty pleasures is watching programs like MaxEx, where the global village idiots (mostly white Americans) do very stupid things on video and get their comeuppance (like in the second picture on my "American Chopper?" post. This video and the next two are variations on that theme, although the pain these people undergo isn't as intense as in some other videos I could show you. Anyhoo... what makes this particular video fun for me is that it's mostly about people trying to dance who can't. (I frequently "dance" for Milady and, while I've never gotten hurt from doing so, I generally elicit howls of laughter for my efforts. ;) ) Run time: 1:23.

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