March 22, 2006


OK, I've got to add these two music videos, Enya's "Orinoco Flow" (top) and "Caribbean Blue" (below). I've long loved both songs. OF run time: 3:49; CB run time: 3:41.


b. said...


Thanks for sharing. I've always loved these songs, too. Even A2 seems to enjoy them -- he's sitting still for them, quite a change.

Diggin' that early '90s aesthetic. ;)

Dynamite Soul said...


We used to use 2 of her CD's at on of the child-care centers I taught at.

They were so soothing that they put all of the kids to sleep during nap time.

Enya put me to sleep when I first began listening(doh! sleeping on the job!). I soon became used to it and a big fan.

I didn't even know that was her on the Fugees song "Ready or Not".