March 8, 2006

Kirby Puckett (1961-2006)

Kirby PuckettI'm a little surprised and saddened to hear that Kirby Puckett died the other day in Phoenix. At 45, he was waaay too young to die (he was only a few months older than me). I'm not a Minnesota Twins fan, and I didn't get to see the Twins play much on TV (usually only when they were in the post-season). However, I do know what "Puck" meant to the fans of the Twins. My strongest memory of Kirby was actually when he wasn't playing, when he was in the middle of a contract dispute, and the Twins fans at the Metrodome began singing a variation on John Lennon's song: "All we are saying is give Puck the cash." Puckett did ultimately win the contract dispute, but his career ended soon thereafter due to his eye problem.

From Allah (swt) do we come, and to Him do we return.

Rest in peace, Kirby.

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