March 28, 2006

What will they call Glacier National Park...

...when there are no glaciers left?

Upsala Glacier, in Argentina, in 1928 and 2004

This is an interesting set of photos from Time Magazine's article on global warming. As you can see, the Upsala Glacier, located in Argentina, has retreated dramatically over the decades. The top photo was taken in 1928, the bottom photo in 2004. All that is left now are a few stubs of glaciers off in the distance and a lake.

One of my sisters (who is intelligent enough to know better) is in complete denial over global warming. She, the red state conservative, blithely dismisses global warming as "a liberal conspiracy." One wonders what would convince her? When the Maldives disappear beneath the waves? Tuvalu? Kiribati? Tokelau? The Marshall Islands? Bangladesh? (One suspects Washington D.C.)

In the late '70s, the National Park Service had a series of t-shirts available that started with the word "Go." "Go hike the canyon" was the t-shirt I owned, after visiting the Grand Canyon. A colleague, who had visited Glacier National Park, would wear a t-shirt that read, "Go climb a glacier." If you have any desire to climb (or even see) a glacier, now would be the time. Or, to modify a New York Times headline slightly, "Race to Alaska Before It Melts."

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