July 26, 2009

Islam/Muslim Blogs (26 July 2009)

I haven't had the chance to do any of my links posts in a few weeks, so I thought I'd at least do my most popular series, that of Islam/Muslim blogs. These (with the exception of one) are all from July 19th through today, the 26th. At the bottom I've listed a number of blogs where the author is "missing in action." What's interesting is that I could have added an additional seven blogs from my RSS feed by people who not only stopped blogging but have deleted their blogs altogether. Anyway, here's to the active blogs! :)

Dr. M's Analysis: Five years later, Asra Nomani is Still a Lying and Manipulative Zionist Media Whore

Fragments of Me: Faraid and Life Insurance

Grande Strategy: The Hijab Martyr (Silence No More!)

Islam in China: China to Allow 2,700 Muslims to Visit Mecca: Report

Islam, Muslims and an Anthropologist: Between Naiveté and Intellectual Dishonesty: Debating Shari'a in the UK

Islamic Art by Morty: Calligraphy Art ((Fabi-ayyi Ala- Rabbikuma Tukaththibani)

Islamophobia Watch: Martin Bright threatens legal action against ENGAGE (Martin Bright's upset at being called an Islamophobe; hey, dude, if the shoe fits, wear it!)

Islamophobia Watch: Muslim woman 'told to take off veil' by bus driver in Australia

Islamophobia Watch: The Niqab, Fact v Fiction (Good article!)

Islamophobia Watch: Our Double Standards on Terrorism

Islamophobia Watch: Danish military caves in to right-wing bigots in headscarf row

Islamophobia Watch: Defend Multicultural Britain Against the BNP

Izzy Mo's Blog: Is It Safe?

Missing in Action: (Date of last post)
Abu Sinan-Sayf (May 16th)
Age of Jahiliyah (December 30, 2007)
Islamophere.com (January 15, 2008)
Naeem's Blog (June 3rd)
ShaikR (March 30th)
The Progressive Muslims Union North America Debate (April 8th)
Saifuddin (April 17th)
Underwater Light (May 13th)


Ahmad said...

Indigo Jo is still blogging. If you're following via RSS feed just visit the site and update to the new feed. He moved to Wordpress from Movable Type and I believe this resulted in a change to the feed.

Also, I can't see the name "Dr M" without wondering why Mahathir Mohamed is talking about Asra Nomani.

JDsg said...

Ahmad: Thanks for the note about Indigo Jo; I've removed him from the MIA list and added his new feed to my RSS reader. It just goes to show how much I rely upon Google Reader instead of visiting individual blogs as I used to do.

Also, lol about Dr. Mahathir. I'm sure he doesn't care. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your link to Between naiveté and intellectual dishonesty: debating Shari‘a in the UK is broken.

JDsg said...

Thanks for letting me know, George.

M. Hussain said...

Sallam JD,

Love your blog and try to keep up! Hope you are doing well.


M. Hussain