July 5, 2009

A'ishah and the Whale

A'ishah is almost one year old; she turns one in thirteen days. (On the 18th; be sure to send your presents now! ;) ) Of course she continues to grow like a weed, and there's never a dull moment. :) This particular picture is of one of her favorite toys: an Ikea "sperm whale" doll. A few weeks ago, she pointed to this just before going to bed, and it's been in her crib ever since. Milady's been a bit anxious about it being with her: "Every other child has a teddy bear in their crib; why does my daughter have to have a whaaaaaale?" :) But my thought is, maybe she'll become an oceanographer or veterinarian? After all, she also loves dearly a mommy and baby fox dolls. :)

The following videos were taken earlier this afternoon. The first three were all taken by Milady using my handphone camera in which A'ishah has been practicing some of her first baby steps unassisted. So far she's able to do two in a row before falling down.

This last video was taken by me a few minutes after the other three were taken. Of course, the camera being within reach was too much of a temptation for A'ishah to resist. As a result, most of the video is of her reaching for the camera while I try to keep it away from her while laughing my head off. :) There was a slight pause in the filming which is why there's the odd disconnect in the middle; however, the results were the same in the second half of the video as the first. :)


iMuslim said...

Toooo cute, masha'Allah. I especially love the second video. When she starts screaming, it's almost like she's saying: "Daddy, I CAN DO IT MYSELF!!!" - but then she falls down, hehe. :D

dramamama said...

Salam JD...she is soooo cute!!

Ronin said...

well done a'ishah!