July 2, 2009

DCI World Class Rankings - June 2009

It's time for the June drum corps rankings. Hopefully, this year, we'll be able to follow up by posting the July and August rankings. :) (Work issues prevented those posts from being written in previous years; hopefully, that won't be the case this year.) On with the show, then.

June 2009 Rankings:
1 Carolina Crown
2 Holy Name Cadets
3 Blue Devils
4 Santa Clara Vanguard
5 The Cavaliers
6 Phantom Regiment
7 Bluecoats
8 Boston Crusaders
9 Blue Stars
10 Blue Knights
11 Glassmen
12 Colts (tie)
12 Troopers (tie)
14 Spirit
15 Madison Scouts
16 The Academy
17 Crossmen
18 Mandarins
19 Pacific Crest
20 Jersey Surf
21 Pioneer

  • Crown, Cadets, and Blue Devils have all scored above 80 points already.
  • Every corps has scored above 63 points.
  • Hardest working corps: Blue Stars, Crusaders, Crown, Colts, Glassmen - all with eight shows.
  • Slowest start to the season: Jersey Surf - one show.
  • The average high score for all World Class corps was 72.812.

    Year-to-Date Improvement Rankings:
    (This measures how well the corps has done since their first show of the season; there's a definite benefit for corps to have done more shows than fewer: the more shows a corps does, usually the higher up they are in the YTD rankings.)

    1 Carolina Crown
    2 Blue Stars
    3 Holy Name Cadets
    4 Boston Crusaders
    5 Colts
    6 Spirit
    7 Madison Scouts
    8 Phantom Regiment
    9 Blue Devils
    10 Santa Clara Vanguard
    11 Glassmen
    12 Pioneer
    13 Troopers
    14 The Cavaliers
    15 Crossmen
    16 Bluecoats
    17 Mandarins
    18 Blue Knights
    19 The Academy
    20 Pacific Crest
    21 Jersey Surf

  • The average for YTD Improvements was 4.736 points.
  • The high (Carolina Crown) was 9.900 points; the low (Jersey Surf) was 0.000 points (due to having only marched one show in June).

    Year-on-Year Improvement Rankings:
    (This measures how well the corps has done since the same time last year, so we're comparing the end of June 2008 to the end of June 2009. This ranking shows who the pleasant surprises are and which corps are not doing so well compared to the previous season.)

    1 Carolina Crown
    2 Troopers
    3 Holy Name Cadets
    4 Blue Stars
    5 Madison Scouts
    6 Bluecoats
    7 Boston Crusaders
    8 Pioneer
    9 Glassmen
    10 Blue Knights
    11 Phantom Regiment
    12 Spirit
    13 Colts
    14 Crossmen
    15 Santa Clara Vanguard
    16 Blue Devils
    17 The Cavaliers
    18 The Academy
    19 Mandarins
    20 Pacific Crest
    21 Jersey Surf

  • The average for YOY Improvements was 0.224 points.
  • The high (Carolina Crown) was 6.000 points; the low (Jersey Surf) was a negative 9.350 points.
  • The Colts had no change in their score since last June's high score; every corps above them (places 1-12) had a positive change while every corps below them (14-21) had negative changes.

    Update: The rankings have been modified to reflect Jersey Surf's move from Open to World Class status.
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