July 2, 2009

DCA Rankings - June 2009

The DCA Rankings are very much in the "for what it's worth" department as many of the corps haven't started their seasons yet, so, for what it's worth... :)

June 2009 Rankings:
1 Connecticut Hurricanes
2 Minnesota Brass
3 Reading Buccaneers
4 Hawthorne Caballeros
5 SF Renegades
6 CorpsVets
7 Bushwackers
8 Governaires
9 Rochester Crusaders
10 SoCal Dream
11 Carolina Gold
12 Anaheim Kingsmen Sr.

  • The top six corps have all scored above 70 points already.
  • Every corps has scored above 56 points.
  • The average high score for all DCA corps was 68.379 points.

    Year-to-Date Improvement Rankings:
    (This measures how well the corps has done since their first show of the season.)

    1 Minnesota Brass
    2 Hawthorne Caballeros
    3 Bushwackers
    4 Governaires (tie)
    4 SoCal Dream (tie)
    6 SF Renegades

  • The average for YTD Improvements was 1.203 points.
  • The high (Minnesota Brass) was 4.250 points.
  • All of the remaining corps, the Anaheim Kingsment Sr., Carolina Gold, Connecticut Hurricanes, Corvettes, Reading Buccaneers, and the Rochester Crusaders, have had no improvement for the year-to-date because they have only marched one show so far. (Anaheim has actually marched two shows, but their first show was an exhibition.)

    Year-on-Year Improvement Rankings:
    (This measures how well the corps has done since the same time last year, so we're comparing the end of June 2008 to the end of June 2009. This ranking shows who the pleasant surprises are and which corps are not doing so well compared to the previous season.)

    1 Connecticut Hurricanes
    2 Hawthorne Caballeros
    3 CorpsVets
    4 Minnesota Brass
    5 Governaires
    6 Bushwackers
    7 Reading Buccaneers
    8 Rochester Crusaders
    9 SoCal Dream

  • The average for YOY Improvements was a negative 0.526 points.
  • The high (Connecticut Hurricanes) was 4.075 points; the low (SoCal Dream) was a negative 8.000 points.
  • All corps in places 1-5 had positive changes since last June's high score, while corps in places 6-9 had negative changes.
  • Anaheim Kingsmen Sr. is not listed here because they didn't march last season; Carolina Gold and the SF Renegades aren't listed because they didn't march last June.
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