August 14, 2006

Ahree Lee: Me

This is an interesting short film (run time: 1:08) of an Asian woman (Korean?) who took one photograph of herself every day for three years, beginning on 1 November 2001. It's worth running through several times to watch various aspects of herself change over time, in particular her hair, her lips (whether she's got lipstick on or not), and her glasses.

Update: I've discovered that the film playing on Youtube is the "short" version. The full length version (run time: 3:00) of "Me" can be found at To be honest, there's little difference between the two versions, except for two additional minutes of flickering Ahree's. Trivial factoid: One second's worth of film has about seven day's worth of photographs (another hint that the Youtube version of this film only shows one year out of the three that have been filmed).

Ahree's website also has another short film worth watching: Everyone. "This counterpart to Me, comprising images of everyone I could convince to let me take their picture in the fall of 2001, fleshes out the other end of the spectrum of homogeneity to heterogeneity."

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