August 14, 2006

1988 Velvet Knights (2 Cool; in 4 parts)

Been wandering around Youtube again and came across a video of the 1988 Velvet Knights at DCI (held in KC that year). One of the benefits of my having started Copper Star (the senior corps) back in '98 was getting to meet and know a bunch of guys who had marched in VK over the years.

This particular video has been cut up into four parts (the songs and run times are below), but all four make up the entire show. Highlights include the bull fight during Malaguena (I've been told that Copper Star alumnus Sean C. was the back end of the bull), the "Pee Wee Herman" bicycle ride during the Cannibal Fun drum solo and, of course, the bikini girl popping out of the hat at the end of the show. Sorry, no shark this year. :P

Magical Mystery Tour - Part II:
Part 1: Magical Mystery Tour * Zorba The Greek (run time: 2:04)
Part 2: Malaguena (run time: 3:39)
Part 3: Cannibal Fun Drum Solo (run time: 2:37)
Part 4: There's No Place Like Home * America The Beautiful * Yankee Doodle Dandy * You're a Grand Old Flag (run time: 2:52)

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