November 3, 2008

Tampines Traffic Accident

I've been meaning to put these two photos up on the blog for two weeks now. Anyway, Milady and I had gone to a local mall in the Tampines (tam-pih-ness) neighborhood of S'pore; on our way back home, we passed by a really horrific car/bicycle accident. Traffic, of course, was very slow, so I was able to take two photos with my handphone camera when the car had stopped.

The accident happened at the corner of Tampines Avenue 4 (the street we were on) and Tampines Avenue 5, with Tampines Stadium in the background (the Hyundai sign and the red wall in the distance). In this first photo you can see that the car had jumped over the median and completely demolished part of the median fence. Parts of the fence were strewn over the street, as you can see.

In this second photo, we were obviously past the accident scene, but I used the side-view mirror to take a photo of the other side of the car.

Here's what Milady and I think might have happened. As you can see in the first photo, there was an ambulance already at the scene (although, ironically, no police, which is a little strange as the local precinct is just a mile or so down Tampines Avenue 4). What you can't see in the photos is the mangled wreckage of a bicycle. So we suspect that as the light was turning red, a bicyclist may have gone into the intersection early while the car was possibly speeding through the red light. The car may have then hit the bicycle before veering right and going through the fence. Unfortunately, we don't know the full story or how the bicyclist and driver are as the story didn't make the newspaper the next day. We did drive past the accident site today, and the fence has been completely repaired already. Singaporean efficiency.

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