November 4, 2008

Bedtime Music: X - White Girl

Surprise, surprise! It's time to try to resume (once more) my long-neglected, unlamented series, Bedtime Music. And, yes, in this 50th post of the series, I'm also resuming my semi-secret theme. (For the benefit of those readers who hadn't read the previous posts or have forgotten them, the theme was never announced, but I had left numerous clues (23 so far) to solve the puzzle. This video and the next two will round out the series, where someone may finally figure it out.)

Of all the videos in this theme, I figured today's would be the most difficult to find. (It wasn't.) While I had heard of the American punk rock band
X in college, I had no idea what their music sounded like. This song, White Girl (I have no link for it), was off the band's 1981 release, Wild Gift, and it sounds pretty good.

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