March 30, 2008

Up, Up and Away...

I haven't had much time to blog this past week due to work and an outside project I've been doing at home. Plus, Milady and I went to the beach with her family for a few hours yesterday where I got a bunch of pictures of guys doing some kitesurfing and turned somewhat red from a mild sunburn.

This particular picture was taken two weeks ago, when Milady and I were driving to the National Museum of Singapore. The DHL Balloon is located on Rochor Road, next to the New 7th Storey Hotel, where I lived for three months or so when I moved back to Singapore just before our marriage. I haven't been on this balloon ride just yet (and don't really plan to get aboard; I'd rather check out the Singapore Flyer), but I do go by this balloon all the time as it's on my way to work. If you look closely, you'll see at least nine people on board the gondola and possibly a tenth person.

Update: When Milady and I drove by the DHL Balloon this morning (April 1st), we noticed that the yellow color of the balloon was a lot brighter, so they've either given the balloon a good cleaning (much needed as you can see from the picture) or they've replaced the balloon altogether with a new one. Either way, the balloon looks much nicer now than it has in recent weeks.

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