March 18, 2008

Lisa Lynnette Clark Gonzalez Speaks

Two days ago, I received a comment on my blog from "lisa," who claims to be Lisa Lynnette Clark Gonzalez. I don't have any reason to believe nor disbelieve her but I thought that, in the interest of fairness, I would republish her comment as its own blog post:

I am Lisa Lynnette "Clark" Gonzalez. I want to correct a few things. Adrian and I were married on 11/08/05. We were arrested on 11/09/05. I was released on bond on 11/18/05. He was released on Thanksgiving Eve 2005 to his aunt Pat who later betrayed him. Adrian escaped from the state group home on 01/27/06. The group home assistant (Mr. Lowry) gave him a 15 minute head start before calling authorities. I did not help Adrian escape. I begged him not to run because I knew he would make me a "sitting duck" with the authorities. I did not send any money through the mail. I have never sent money through the mail. The cellphone was in the name of Kareem Jackson or Demetrius Sanders. Douglas County lied and said the phone was in my name. The people in Ohio were quite aware of who Adrian was as were all of the people involved in his escape (8 people). I was the only one out of 8 charged, and I intentionally had less to do with it than anyone. We were both arrested on 02/08/06, not 02/01/06. On 02/11/06 at 03:05 p.m., Skye Cobain Gonzalez was born, not Saturday night. It was the longest and hardest labor of all of my four children. It was a VERY LONG AND EXCRUTIATINGLY PAINFUL labor and delivery. Also, my Lynnette is spelled with two n's, not one. My name is legally Lisa Lynnette Gonzalez, not clark. Thank you.

Two brief comments to Lisa: First, I've changed the spelling of your middle name, Lynnette, in all previous blog posts of mine to have the two n's, with the exception of those sections that are quotations from other sources. Second, I'll continue to use your "Clark" surname in all of the five previous blog posts, as I have here, because this is how people know you and search for your story. However, as I hope you've noted, I added the Gonzalez surname to the above title.

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