March 21, 2008

I am a Muslim!

Alhamdulillah! This video is actually one of six nominee videos for the "Inspirational" category for Youtube's 2007 Video Awards. Unfortunately, it didn't win; still, good job, guys!


Anonymous said...

Isn't defending Islam on account of scientific innovation by Muslims no more reasonable than defending the Third Reich for its invention of jet aircraft and large rockets, or for its early recognition of the dangers of smoking?

JDsg said...

You tell me, George. I know what I would say. What would you say? You've been hanging around us Muslims long enough now. ;)

Anonymous said...

I tried to respond to those arguments on the Depleted Cranium forum (I think this attitude is the only thing that spoilt it by the way...)

I think the purpose of the video is to refute the suggestion that Islam is anti-science (which is a powerful propaganda weapon of the Islamophobes, since Westerners value the scientific method so highly).