March 29, 2008

Leon on Geert Wilders' "Fitna"

Leon in Amsterdam cuts Geert Wilders down to size over Fitna (which, by all reviews I've read so far, rates between "quite boring" and "a yawn"). Be sure to read the remainder of the post; it's fairly short.

Geert Wilders has managed to do what few people thought would be possible: to make himself look even more ridiculous.

I do wonder though, if the targeted community's reaction was something like 'lame', what would the few (yet very vocal) supporters of Geert Wilders feel?


Erik F said...

In the name of freedom of speech, inciting racial hatred isn't so much a crime these days (didnt Europe learn about Hitler). I wonder if Wilders had been targeting the Dutch Monarch. Would he have been in jail by now..

But you are right, we should not take this guy seriously. Wilders wasn't going to come up with some quality material. Really a cheap propagada this production really was. He selectively chose Qur'anic references seemingly ignorant of the vast subject of Tafsir (exegesis) of the Qur'an.

May Allah SWT give us patience during this difficult era of prejudice towards us. Amen

JDsg said...


Leon said...

"I wonder if Wilders had been targeting the Dutch Monarch. Would he have been in jail by now.."

He has targeted the queen.

In her annual speech she promoted tolerance, as she usually does, and Wilders saw this as an attack on his party and himself.

He immediately called for the monarch to be placed out of the government (technically she is head of the government, she reigns but does not rule, as the British put it).

This motion did not receive any support.

The fact that the man feels personally attacked when somebody calls for people to be nice to each other should say enough.

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