September 14, 2007

Ramadan Mubarak!

I'd like to wish all my Muslim brothers and sisters a blessed and successful Ramadan. May all of our fasts be accepted by Allah (swt). Ameen!

I also want to wish a special Ramadan Mubarak to the wife of one of my friends back home. Although she isn't a Muslim, she's been wanting to observe Ramadan with us this year as well. She's asked me a lot of questions in the past two weeks or so, and I've been trying to answer her as best I can.

I had wanted to make this post yesterday, but I was a little busy. :) The first day of Ramadan for me was a bit of a struggle, especially at the very end of the day. I was quite dehydrated, which gave me a massive headache. Iftar didn't help last night, either. Milady had bought me some beef rendang, along with some rice from her mom's. Now, I normally like rendang but for some reason, last night's batch was extremely spicy (much more so than normal). Last night was one of your stereotypical "steam coming out of my ears" moments. :) However, I got over that fairly quickly and ate some leftover pizza from the previous night instead. Tonight, Milady said that she'll be making me some spaghetti with olive oil and herbs, so that should be much more soothing to my delicate taste buds. ;)

I also wanted to say that this is my 501st post on this blog. I had hoped to write something special for post #500, but I felt that the Sumatran earthquakes was a more important story for me to write on instead of giving myself an "Attaboy." :) I know I don't have a very large (or consistent) audience, but I do enjoy writing for "you."


dramamama said...

Salam JD:

Ramadan Mubarak to you too!

I didn't have an easy Day 1 either. I was so catty with the husband that I was shocked at my own words! They all came out wrong and angry??! I was thinking, yuck, that must've been my own nafs considering all the shaitans are chained up!

Anyways, I am trying to be MUCH nicer to him and everyone today and alhamdulillah, I think it's working. Hope your Day 2 is better, too.

JDsg said...

Wa 'alaikum salaam, wa Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family as well.

Today has been somewhat better, yes, alhamdulillah, although the morning didn't start out too well. I felt very lethargic, with bouts on and off throughout the day.

Perhaps the cattiness was your hunger speaking? Allah (swt) knows I can get into a very foul mood when I'm hungry.