September 8, 2007

Electric Chair Barbie

IZ Reloaded has a link to an unusual science project that was done by a teenage girl when she was in middle school. On the webpage, "jessyratfink" wrote:

This is a science fair project that I did in middle school and completely disgusted the entire female staff of Benton Middle. The purpose of this project is to show how the electric chair works and discuss basic electricity - currents and conductivity.

This is perhaps not the most politically correct science fair project, but it definitely gets attention. And although it is more based on presentation than science, most people find it very interesting to learn how an electric chair works. :D

Down in the comments, she gives a little more information on why she chose to put "Barbie" in the hot seat:

I admit that if anything, this was my way (in middle school definitely, and perhaps now just a little) of showing my dislike for Barbie and everything she represents. I always hated Barbie as a child. The stereotypical pretty girl with lots of money and looks a real person could never match.

This is more just a way to knock Barbie down from her pedestal. Nothing involving violence against women, that's for sure. I just think the use of a Barbie is much more shocking due to the fact that less women have sat in the chair than men, and also because she's the last possible person you'd think of ending up in the chair. It was all about the shock factor in middle school!

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Yakoub said...

Why stop at Barby? Surely it would be more dramatic (and closer to real life) to have a scale-sized Big Bird from Sesame Street strapped in the chair, then the batteries could be replaced with lead running directly to the mains. Visitors could then smell the burning feathers everytime the executioner flipped the switch as well as seeing the wings twitching violently.

I can hardly wait.