September 29, 2007

Ramadan Moon

In late August, I posted a photo I took back in July of the moon over Singapore. About a week ago, I saw the moon in the late afternoon. On the one hand, I wanted to take a picture, having been inspired by a recent photo on Lunar Photo of the Day (LPOD); on the other hand, I was too tired from fasting to wander outside with the camera to get my shot. So I found the only place in the apartment where such a photo could be taken at that time: in the bathroom, through the slot of the window panes, underneath the ledge of another apartment (which is the dark shadow in the upper left corner). And as I took the photo, the only thing that was going through my mind was that old McDonalds' commercial with Larry Bird and Michael Jordan, except that this time it was, "Through the slat, under the ledge, nothing but net." ;)

Some year I gotta buy myself a good telescope.

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