June 12, 2006

Free Wallpaper @ Firaushah.com

The past week has been somewhat busy for me, in part because I was playing catch-up after the trip Milady and I took last weekend to Kuala Lumpur. The trip was quite nice, alhamdulillah. Milady and I stayed at Le Meridien Hotel, which is just across the street from KL Sentral, the main train station for the city. (Milady and I have always taken the train when going up to KL; while it's a rather slow trip, it's comfortable and the price is *very* reasonable.)

Up in KL, we took quite a few photographs at the various places we visited. For this trip, we visited two masjids: Masjid Putra, which is located in Putrajaya, the administrative capital of Malaysia, and Masjid Blue (it's real name is Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, but everyone just calls it the Blue Mosque because the masjid has a blue and white color scheme). Both masjids were very impressive in their architecture and beauty, although I must say that the Blue Mosque was simply stunning. It is, without any question, the most spectacular masjid I have ever been in to date.

Which leads me to my wallpaper offer: I've created what I hope will be the first of many FREE desktop wallpapers available at firaushah, insha'allah. All I'm asking is that you sign up for the firaushah mailing list. When you sign up, I'll e-mail you with a link to a webpage that will allow you to access the current wallpaper (available in four sizes: 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, and 1280x1024), insha'allah. This month's wallpaper is from one of my photos taken at the Blue Mosque. The wallpaper came out beautifully (in my not so humble opinion ;) ), and gives you an idea of both the size and beauty of the masjid's dome.

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