June 28, 2006

Eurabia: The Myth and Reality of Islam in Europe

The Economist on 'Eurabia'I happened to come across this week's issue of The Economist at a 7-Eleven today, and bought a copy. The cover story, as you can see is on "The Myth and Reality of Islam in Europe." Actually, The Economist printed three stories in this week's issue that deals with Islam, two of which are available online: Look Out, Europe, They Say, the cover story, and Tales from Eurabia, the editorial. (The third article, a review of four books that cover Islamic-Western relations, is only available for Economist subscribers; to be honest, you're not missing much.)

I'm wanting to comment more on the main article in the Firaushah newsletter that I hope to publish in a few days, insha'allah; however, I will say that I thought the main article was fairly balanced. The editorial, IMO, is less so. While the editors have come to the correct conclusion that "...the prospect of Eurabia looks like scaremongering", they also show a bias against and ignorance about Islam by writing, "In 50 years' time, Americans may be praising this generation of European Muslims for leading the enlightenment that Islam needed."

In the meantime, I will say that I do like that cover. :) "Inspiring," he says (as every French non-Muslim recoils in horror ;) ). Insha'allah, wa Allahu Akbar! :)

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