June 1, 2006

Abayas Turning Trendy

There's an article from the Associated Press about how abayas in the Gulf states are becoming trendy. (Actually, I suspect that abayas have long been trendy, just that no Western reporter has noticed until now. Anyhoo...) One interesting passage, near the end of the article:

But advocates of fancier versions are convinced they can combine fashion and modesty.


Never mind that his elegant consort, sporting an abaya decorated with golden metal and matching head cover, could cause more heads to turn than a less attractive woman in a short skirt.

"Abayas are now both decent and fashionable. Everyone follows the fashion nowadays," Mohammad said.

This is what Milady and I believed in when we started firaushah, that Muslimahs can wear modest clothing that is beautiful and fashionable.

Strike back at these ignorant non-Muslims who say you are oppressed! Wear beautiful clothing - clothing that's better looking than theirs - and ask if "oppressed" women wear as fashionable of clothing as your own.


b. said...


Boy, they are slow to catch on, aren't they? As if the wealthy Khaleegi women wouldn't have immediately started wearing trendy abayas from the very moment that they could afford to be Muslim fashionistas...!

I love your sparklies, masha'Allah. And as soon as I can afford it... :) insha'Allah.

Muslim said...


Mona Um Ibrahim said...

There's no doubt about it, muslimahs wearing abayas and hijabs feel and look like princesses :)