October 29, 2009

New Links for my Web Pages

Due to the recent cancellation of Yahoo's Geocities free web hosting service, I've had to transfer a number of my webpages to a new site. The webpages that have been moved include a long-neglected index page and a color chart for webpages and blogs. The two big websites that have also been transferred are my Titanic website and the website for my high school class. (Both of these sites normally get a lot of traffic; the Titanic site usually provided about 1/3 of my daily total of hits.)

The individual pages for these two sites are listed below:

Titanic Web Pages
James Cameron's Titanic vs. R.M.S. Titanic (p. 1)
James Cameron's Titanic vs. R.M.S. Titanic (p. 2)
The Hands of Titanic
What Happened to...?
What Happened to...Chief Baker Charles Joughin?
Recent Titanic News: Titanic Sinking May Have Been Quick
Recent Titanic News: Last U.S. Titanic Survivor Dies at 99
Recent Titanic News: "I'm Going Down With Something"

SHS '79:
Class Roster
Faculty & Staff

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